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  • This is a LIFE SAVER!!!!! OMG I would die without it! This is the BEST website EVER CREATED!!!!! I am religiously on this thing getting ready for my big day! I don't have any money at all to do this wedding, so we're working on freebies and donations. Most of my family is broke and his is too. We have struggled to make this wedding possible. It is websites like these that calm me down and focus me and let me get this thing organized. My mom is doing pictures, my grandma is singing, and everything is handmade from scrap stuff in our yards. The dresses were donations, the guys are wearing church clothes instead of tuxes and the unavoidable costs of the marriage license is nearly losing us our home. The preacher is donating his services and we are spending about $50 on the whole wedding which is alot for us. This site being free is a blessing. Thank You. Kyra

  • Thank you very much! God or the energy that makes the world run, bless you everyday for the help you provide to all the brides. I am very impressed with the way this website was set up, and appreciated all the help it provided to me. My wedding was beyond beautiful. Gracias!! Johanna

  • Thank you for your awesome planning site. It was extremely helpful, you've thought of everything. I especially liked the people and plan features - and the seating list feature saved me hours of time! I had a fantastic wedding on 7 March 2009 and really appreciate being able to use your site. Keep up the great work. Kind regards, Keryn Grogan nee Laurence. Auckland, New Zealand.

  • This is fantastic! Thank you for the hard work, it will make my life much easier. My name is Mary and I am looking forward to a wonderful marriage but was worried about the wonderful ceremony. This program will give me the opportunity to be so organized, my worries will melt away like a four foot ice sculpture in an outdoor southern summer wedding.

  • Your site is the best! With your help, my daughter had a fairy tale wedding! It kept us right on track the last eight months, and was so easy to adjust to our needs! The wedding took place last Sunday and was perfect! I suggest everyone become a pledged member.. it is so worth it! Thank you! Betti Knoll

  • I found your site a life-saver! I am nearly 50 and this wasn't my first wedding, but we decided to get married with only 5 weeks lead time. The daily ticklers of stuff to do, and follow-ups for small details was wonderful. I work as a project manager, but every thing you guys do makes managing a wedding, even our small 50 person wedding, easy and cook-book simple. Thank you!

  • I have been all over the Internet looking at wedding planning sites. Your site is the best, easiest to use, easy to maintain, reports are great, ease of movement around the site is wonderful. You have done a super job! I've recommended this site to my soon-to-be stepdaugher who is getting married in April 07, I hope she uses this site also. Thank you, Brandy

  • Thanks for a great wedding planning site. I used it exclusively to plan my beautiful wedding in 4 months. No detail was lost! I love the website!!!!!! - Suzanne & Steve Hart - Reading, Pennsylvania

  • Thank you EZWeddingPlanner for all your help in planning my daughter's wedding last Oct 2nd. It was an enormous help just setting up the data base with the guest list and keeping track of the RSVPs. All the hints were very helpful too. The wedding was a huge success, thanks to the no stress EZWeddingPlanner. I refer all future brides that I know to this web site. Great Job !! Thanks again. - Vicki Walter, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.

  • Wow, Wow, Wow! What more can I say, I have been looking for something like this for the last couple of months. Thank you so much. - Karen Thorn
  • This is the greatest tool I've seen! THANK YOU - Chere M
  • THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH!! We absolutely LOVED EZWeddingPlanner and I have personally recommended your website to about 9 friends/family who are in the planning processes right now. They all, needless to say, were extremely grateful for the tip and I have received only positive reinforcement on their choices to use your website/software as well. Thanks again for a wonderful experience - Anne Gajeski
  • This web site is GREAT!!! I am a busy law student and my husband-to-be is very busy and lives an hour away so the ability to log on and see each others updates is great and saves us a ton on phone calls!!! - Nytasha - Wilson

  • I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful site. I do not know what I would have done without it! Our wedding was wonderful and went off without a problem (except the accident that took the groom, best man and his wife to the emergency room right after the ceremony!) I never could have done it without you! Anyway, thanks again for making this available to all of us who have a full schedule. - Sherry

  • This wedding planner is amazing. I was able to enter every address and name, every plan and match it all up to what we wanted our wedding to be!!!! The day was perfect and easy with all the help from the EZ Wedding Planner!! Thank you!! - Christy Allen

  • I am writing to tell you how helpful all of the information was that you provided thru the site. I can't begin to tell you how it saved me (the GROOM'S father!!!!). Due to an odd set of circumstances, it fell on my shoulders to plan the wedding; something that I hadn't a clue how to do or where to begin and without EZWeddingPlanner's impressive information offerings, I don't know what I would have done. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!! - Chris Boughner
  • This is a wonderful site. You guys have covered even the smallest detail. You will be highly recommended. Thanks - Donna McEachron
  • This has been one of the most incredible sites I have ever seen. It has been absolutely a lifesaver since I have had to get involved in the planning for this wedding since the bride's parents are only minimally involved and minimally supportive (financially or planning). This is a role I never dreamed I would ever have to take on but with all the information you have provided in the site, it has been possible to prepare, plan, direct, and organize a very complicated event. Chris Boughner

  • Thank you so much for your service. I found your website and wedding planner to be very helpful and used it for most aspects of my wedding. - Hetal Kocinsk
  • Your website is great and it helps put the reality into the plans. Thank You. - Sarah A Wood
  • I think this is absolutely wonderful!! It is great! It has helped a lot! Thanks again! - Lesa Jorgensen (sister of bride Viki)
  • Hello My name is Regina Sluss (as of yesterday). I wanted to take this time to thank you for all the reminders & everything else you guys & gals have done for my husband & myself. I will be sure to refer this to any of my girlfriends that plan to get married. You saved us a lot of time and money. Thanks for everything that you have done. A proud customer - Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Sluss
  • Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. And I want you and your staff to know that this planner will really help all of us. - Christine Ann Noland
  • EZ Wedding Planner has been so helpful to me. I am the type of person who seems to misplace important things, but with the wedding planner, I can keep my guest list in a place where I know I won't be able to lose it. I also like the reminder service, it lets me know where I stand. I would definitely recommend this service to future brides. - Amy Crytzer
  • Out of all of the wedding software I have gone through EZ Wedding Planner has the most useful guest list. It's set up perfect for me. I love it!! - Brandi Williams
  • I think is a very helpful site indeed. This is the first time I have had to plan a wedding and I find this web site to be very helpful. I like the reminders they send out. The plan is very informative. I had no idea what to do, but with the planner I know what has to be done and when. Yes, I would recommend this site to future brides and have done so. - Michael Jay Vanderlaan
  • I have had much success with your program online It has helped me a lot. Yes, I would recommend this to another bride ... - Leigha Bos
  • It has been extremely helpful throughout my planning. It keeps me organized and gives me reminders by email. The Budget section has helped me determine what my overall expenses will be. The people section has allowed me to get a quick and easy head count for the ceremony and the reception, as well as when I ordered my invitations. I would recommend this site to anyone who is involved in wedding planning. - Janet Kennedy
  • I have recently began inputting all my data into your EZ Wedding Planner, and thus far it has been a great help. I am able to pull up my planner, see what has been done what needs to be done and what kind of time I have for completeing that task. The best thing of all is that it is free. I have incurred plenty of wedding expenses and it is nice (relaxing) to know that I can be organized and not have to pay more money. Thank you for all the assistance! - Debra Ernesti
  • I found the EZ Wedding Planner extremely helpful. Planning a wedding is absolutely nerve racking and the planner relieved me of some of that stress. I have been more organized since I found it and I have been able to keep track of things a lot more easily. Would I recomend it to another Bride? Most definitely!! Thank You... - Rachael Laskoskie
  • EZ Wedding Planner has been extremely helpful in the planning of my wedding. It is simple to use and I love it. I have reccomended it to all of the people I know are getting married and they too fell in love with the EZ Planner. - Rachael Meister
  • I have really enjoyed using the EZ Wedding Planner...It has been really helpful in tracking all of the little things (and big) that need to be done. The e-mail reminders are really terrific. It is also very helpful to be able to log on from anywhere. - Debi Paige
  • EZ Wedding Planner is a very terrific idea. It helps you to remember and keep track of all the littlest things that you might forget on that very special day. So that everything will be perfect. - Mariela Crespo
  • I love the EZ Wedding Planner. I had no idea how to go about beginning my wedding planning and this site is making it so easy for me. My Mom lives far from me and she goes into my page and writes things in which is great otherwise she'd have to call me every time she has a new idea. I definitely recommend this site to brides. - Sarah Messersmith
  • I think this site is absolutely wonderful!!! It will save a lot of time and paper. - Stephanie Kent
  • The EZ Wedding Planner has helped me tremendously! I have to plan my wedding in three months and I have been able to do so quite effortlessly with your site! I know everything that has to be done, and I can keep track of all my expenses. I am very pleased with EZ Wedding Planner and will absolutely recommend it to anyone I know who is planning a wedding! - Shelley Peterson
  • The automatic seating plans were a godsend. We would have gone crazy trying to seat 150 people with 3x5 cards. It also made addressing the table cards a snap. And we had 3 people in different places entering guest's names, all at different times. This is the greatest program in the world. Thank you! - Carol (mother of bride Michelle Meade)

  • I love EZ Wedding Planner it's fun and it puts everything right there so you won't miss an important part of the wedding planning process. I would definitely recommend it to other brides and grooms. It takes some of the stress of planning your own wedding away. I think this is a great idea. Thanks so much! Truly Happy - Lena Martin
  • To the sponsors of this program: Thank you for the time you take to remind us of things we need to do for the special upcoming day in my daughter's life. She is going full time to college and working part time for an insurance company. She stays pretty busy--especially planning her wedding, fixing up their future home and keeping others happy at the same time. I hope the other subscribers are getting the same good use from this service. Thanks again. - Susan Graves
  • This is the best website I have found!! Great job! - Hemina