Advice for Weddings
Over 50

Do you have some ideas for couples over 50? We need all the ideas we can get.

 Probably you will be paying for your own wedding, although if your parent's are still around, they could be listed as hosts if you like. Else you could word the invitations something like... The honour of your presence is requested at the wedding of Susan Lynn Smith to Matthew Andrew Larson... or Susan Lynn Smith and Matthew Andrew Larson wish you to share in their joy as they are united in marriage on... If you are having under 50 guests, you can hand write invitations on pretty paper or just telephone them. You may prefer a smaller ceremony and larger reception, in which case you could send out reception only cards. But if you would like a big wedding and reception, go for it, there is no reason not to.

Instead of a traditional shower, you may want to have a coed cocktail or dinner party that includes your fiancé, mutual friends, and their partners. And, if you already have everything you want for your household, maybe have guests bring something unique, like favorite recipes or pictures of themselves with you or your fiancé, or things for your garden or other hobby. If you want to register, consider things you may not have yet, like crystal or china or new sets of things that are worn out. Other things to register for could include your favorite wine, books, electronics, hobby preferences, etc. Some people also get the word out that they would like gift certificates to a specified travel agent (for honeymoon, etc.).

You can wear a long, formal dress in any color including white. Or any length gown in any color you prefer will also work fine. If this is a second marriage, skip the veil and go for flowers, a hat, pretty tiara, or nothing at all. If it's a first for you both, a veil is fine. The same holds for bridesmaids... anything from formal to street length dresses. The ceremony can be anywhere you are comfortable with, a church, a park, on the beach, city hall, etc. If this is a second wedding for either of you, hold the reception somewhere other than where the first one was held. If there are any children from previous marriages, consider including them in your wedding party.

Discuss finances and/or assets, as both of you may be well established already with a variety of household goods, real estate and investment holdings to merge or not merge, or dispose of. Take an inventory of what you have before registering for other gifts.

Take the time and spend the money to go somewhere special for your honeymoon. Go somewhere in the world that you both have always wanted to see, or somewhere that you have been before and really enjoyed.

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